Dog Trainers Share The Secrets Behind Their Business Success!
Clair Hickson
Talk To The Paw & The Missing Peace

Developing trust in yourself, alignment with your hearts calling and stepping into the dream that scares you just a little! 

Janet Finlay
Canine Confidence Academy

Transitioning a epic workaholic already running a six figure online empire into scaling without stress, by simplifying and streamlining and getting back TIME with team!
Michelle Dart 
Empowered Dog

Strategic partnerships to create more impact, ease and enjoyment when growing your business. 
Roger Taylor
Taylored Training & Behaviour 

From being too busy and not earning enough with mounting debt and worrying about money to confidently executing a specialist program and standing confidently in the industry and attracting YOUR ideal client. 
Louise Boyle
Pitter Patter Paws

The journey of confidence and self belief for an awesome new mum from the very beginning of her business build.  
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